Donate Books

Too many books cluttering your house? Finished that book and ready to move on to the next one? Want to share your love of reading with others? When you decide it's time to part with your books, we'll be glad to take them. All proceeds from the sale of your donations will be used to support the Hilton Head Library. 

Please drop your donated items off at the box located in the Hilton Head Library lobby.

What We Accept

  • Hardback fiction in good condition with the original cover
  • Paperback books in good condition
  • Non-fiction books less than 10 years old in good condition with the original cover
  • Children’s books in good condition
  • CD’s and DVD’s in good condition

What We Don't Accept

  • Encyclopedia sets or supplements
  • Textbooks, travel books or cassette tapes
  • Any book with yellowed or discolored pages
  • Any book that is musty or moldy
  • Non-fiction books that are more than 10 years old

Thank you for your donations!